Helping B2C Business Owners Get 2X to 10X More Customers Fast

Discover How We Help Business Owners Just Like You To Attract More Customers, Increase Profits and Expand Globally… All Done For You!

Helping B2C Business Owners Get 2X to 10X More Customers Fast

Discover How We Help Business Owners Just Like You To Attract More Customers, Increase Profits and Expand Globally… All Done For You!


Human Behaviours Authority Meets Digital Superpower 

Meet Ulysses Wang and Michael Leong, Co-Founders of Ad Guys & Co

Ulysses Wang

Co-Founder, Human Behavioural Expert, Global Top 30 Gurus in NLP


Ulysses went from almost losing it all in 2014 due to the global oil crisis, to becoming the global authority in human behaviours today. He has personally trained and coached more than 3,000+ students from 30+ different nationalities in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), marketing, sales, negotiation and consumer behaviours. Ulysses is ranked among the Global Top 30 Gurus in NLP.

His favourite business quote:

“In order to win the business game in today’s context, a business owner must master the game of influence. And there is no better way than to deep dive into human behaviours. Tactics and strategies change every time. But human behaviours, how one will behave and react… will always remain the same.” – Ulysses Wang


What Clients Say About Ulysses

"Ulysses is one of the most energetic consultant I have worked with. He has an excellent way of breaking any task or problem into manageable chunks and then coaching you through those chunks to a successful outcome. He has a great understanding of business process, and particularly useful is his ability to see where people get stuck in process".
Vincent Neate - Former Partner, KPMG UK
"Ulysses is an intelligent and trustworthy trainer who transfers knowledge in an easy and friendly manner keeping in mind the learners' strategy. He has brilliant business sense and is especially good at trainings in a business environment. I strongly recommend Ulysses for his Business Trainings."
Colonel Sudip Mukerjee - Former Colonel, Indian Army
"We've been partnering with Ulysses for over 2 years and we found multiple synergies, thanks to his deep understanding of the capabilities building and executive education market. Using his expertise, we have expanded our reach to Southeast Asia and Africa and have strengthen our presence in the Middle East. Having reliable and trustworthy advice are key assets for any consulting companies, and we have found these 2 top qualities in Ulysses."
Rafael Lemaitre - Founding Partner, ShiftIN, UAE
"I first had the pleasure of working with Ulysses when he advised me with PROVEN marketing strategies to attract high-calibre clients. It was a huge success! In just a few short months, he has helped us increase more than $40,000 of sales. His passion in business, focus and in communicating complicated concepts, in an easy to understand way, make him a powerful and influential authority in his field. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Ulysses..grab it!!!"
Luke Salway - Leadership Coach, Australia

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Michael Leong

Digital Marketing Strategist, Asia's Top Search Engine Marketer

Michael discovered his passion for digital marketing after graduating from law school and has since built a successful digital marketing agency over the past decade, serving some of the most prominent brands in the B2C industry. He is also widely recognized as the #1 Search engine marketer and practitioner in the digital marketing space in Asia. Anyone can teach and talk about Search Engine Marketing, but Michael walks the talk by actually achieving unparalleled search engine marketing results for his and his client's businesses.

His favourite business quote:

“The biggest mistake I see hundreds of business owners, whom I had the privilege to serve, making is, the mindset of ‘If I build it, they will come’. This couldn’t be further from the truth of business reality. A great product or service, MUST require great marketing to bring it to its fullest potential.” – Michael Leong

What Clients Say About Michael

We used them for their SEO Services, and we got the page 1 ranking we needed and have kept them.

Michael and team is extremely knowledgeable and they take great care in staying on top of the ever changing SEO and digital marketing market. Highly recommend!
Gavin Ng - Continental Delight
Michael's team is always professional, transparent and willing to share
suggestions and recommendations.

The results speak for itself. Yes would recommend based on
what I know they are strong at.
Ty - Director, Monster Day Tours
"Michael' s team was very patient and generous with sharing technical knowledge as well as strategies that we could employ.

They changed our perspective of SEO and SEM. Great job Michael! Will definitely be recommending my friends over.
Larry Lim - Managing Director, Summerhaus

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