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Rank your websites higher in Google in 3 easy steps


Increasing website traffic and eventually getting higher Google ranking starts with a properly optimized website, using relevant long tail and short tail keywords that are not as competitive but yield great traffic.

While it might be tempting to use high competitive keywords, you really shouldn’t as using these keywords will only drown out your content among the seas of similar websites optimized by the same keywords. Like a digital marketing agency would do, it’s best to turn your attention to less popular long tail keywords that may have been overlooked by your competitors.

For example, your website will get better result, traffic and rankings wise, by using a keyword phrase like “social media marketing techniques” as opposed to using a short tail keyword like “social media”. Although the keyword “social media” is searched more frequently online than “social media marketing techniques”, being buried so far down will not do your website any good.

And this is why your traffic won’t improve using competitive keywords. Here’s an outline of how to generate more traffic from search engines:

Step 1: List Down Targeted Keyword Phrases
Creating a website starts with conceptualizing what types of products or services you have to offer and figuring out what keywords people will use in search engines to view your website. The first step towards better Google rankings is to create a list of all relevant keyword phrases you can use to optimize your website.

The key is to list down keyword phrases that are not too general. For instance, if you are working your website around dog training, you can use the keyword phrase “dog training near Phoenix Park Block” works well than simply targeting the keyword “dog training“ as this is too broad of a topic to use for optimization.

Once you completed the list of possible keyword phrase you can use for your website, you have to narrow down the list to the most relevant ones. The good news is, there are many keyword research tools you can use online for free.

Step 2: Optimize Website Pages Using The Keyword Phrases
Don’t make the mistake of optimizing too many keywords in a single web page. You will get better results if you optimize one keyword phrase per page as this will yield higher rankings and if you are in luck, all the other keywords related to that keyword will help your website rank higher on major search engines at the same time.

Just gradually add a page for each keyword phrases and make sure the content of the pages are directly related to the keyword phrases you are trying to optimize your website with.

To optimize your page correctly, make sure you integrate the keyword phrase in the title, heading and within the text of the website page.

Step 3: Get High Quality Backlinks to Your Website
This is essentially the most important step to get better Google rankings. You need to get your links out to other website. But not just any websites would do. You need to get backlinks from websites that are relevant to your own website.

In addition, consider getting links from sites that have many links leading to them because major search engines regard these sites as the ones with higher link value than others.

Google applies a ranking system to measure link popularity of web pages. This system is called PageRank. You can check the page rank of a certain page by downloading the PageRank toolbar.

The tool bar will automatically display a web page’s page rank. However, it’s best not to focus too much of your energy on page ranking as getting quality links from other websites that are relevant to your own website is still the better choice.

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