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What is the #1 issue businesses are facing?

Most businesses do not have enough potential customers to visit their website. Therefore, resulting in a lack of leads to follow up and inevitably affecting sales and revenue.

One of the best way to solve this is simple.

Have you ever Googled your business? Are you on the first page of the search results?

Are you sick of hearing about competition who doesn't have the talent you have getting amazing results but people know about them but not you, because they are on the first page of Google Search?

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion searches happening daily on Google?

And you probably know someone is google searching for what you offer but no one is calling you.

Or you are sharp to run paid online advertisements, but like most, you do not have an unlimited advertising budget to keep your advertisements turned on 24/7, and you know your online presence disappears as soon as your paid advertisements run out for the day, sometimes the ad budget runs out fast as in 1-2 hours in a day.

Let us ask you a question. 

If you can’t find your business online 24/7, 365 days a year, how will your future customers discover that your business exist?

What's worst is if your future customers are not coming to you, then they are definitely going to your competitors who are taking away business from you and how much more business can you afford to lose?

Luckily for you, we have a solution.

Introducing Ad Guys SEO Methodology

Let us introduce you to Ad Guys SEO Methodology. A method that gets business websites rank on the first page of Google, increasing traffic and online visibility.

It was developed by a team of passionate Digital Marketers who had experience serving some of the brands mentioned on this page and after 100's of rigorous testing and ranking countless business websites.

But first, Why Listen to What We Have to Say

We believe that we must first be able rank in an SEO industry before we can do it for others.

We ranked one of our websites on Google as one of the Top SEO Consultant and SEO expert in Singapore, and we have ranked this website, Page #1 on Google in a highly competitive industry, competing with the brightest SEO minds in Singapore.

SEO Expert Singapore
SEO consultant
Google keywords search volume SEO consultant and SEO expert

(Source: Google. April 2020)

This website we ranked is in the SEO industry. From above, you will see that the website is exposed to 1000's of Google searches every month for just these few keyword terms. In fact, there’s even more as we also ranked the following competitive keywords on Page 1 of Google for the website Because as a SEO agency, we want to get found when potential customers are looking for our services.

But don't take our word for it. Google Search and see it for yourself too.

Page #1 for SEO Expert Singapore
Page #1 for SEO Consulting Agency Singapore
Page #1 for SEO Consultant
Page #1 for SEO Consulting Firm Singapore
Page #1 for Best SEO Expert Singapore
Page #1 for SEO Consultant Singapore

Page #1 for Singapore SEO Consultant
Page #1 for Top SEO Expert Singapore
Page #1 for SEO Specialist Singapore
Page #1 for Singapore SEO Consultant 
and more!

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Dynamic Marketing SEO Consultant Singapore
Google Ranking Page 1

Here's What We Are Offering

Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 30-Minute Consultation Call ($600 Value) and we’ll show you how our proprietary Ad Guys SEO Methodology can get your website ranked Page #1 of Google and drive more leads, traffic and sales into your business. This call will also help us determine whether our service is a good fit.

Here's an outline of what you get on the call

360 Competitor Teardown

We’ll use our advanced in-house tools and paid software to spy on your top competitors. Uncovering their most SEO strategy that is getting them ranked on the first page of Google. We’ll then outline a roadmap of what it will take to expose their weaknesses and overtake them!

Quantum Traffic Analysis

We’ll reveal how much traffic and visitors you are losing out to your competitors every month and how we can help you to get the best clients and ‘hyperactive buyers’ in your market.


  • Google has 3.5 billion Google searches happening daily, that means 30,000 searches happening every second.
  • Google is responsible for 95% of all search traffic.
  • SEO has a 14.6% conversion rate compared to 1.7% for traditional outbound methods.
  • 75% of users don’t even scroll past the first page of the SERPs.
  • Only 7% of searchers will ever see the third page of search results.
  • Google Search Marketing provides some of the highest digital marketing ROI.
  • Being found on Google allows you to reach customers late in the stage of their decision-making. Why? It’s all about the customer intent.
  • Each customer you lose is one your competitor gains.

If you do your research carefully, you will realise that the top players in your industry are mostly found on the first page of Google and is that a coincidence?

Some Page #1 Google Rankings in Other Industries

training room singapore
training room rentail singapore
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walking day tours Singapore
dry needling Singapore

What Others Say


Gavin Ng

Marketing Manager

Continental Delight

We used them for their SEO Services, and we got the page 1 ranking we needed and have kept them.

Michael and team is extremely knowledgeable and they take great care in staying on top of the ever changing SEO and digital marketing market. Highly recommend!



Monster Day Tours

Michael is always professional, transparent and willing to share
suggestions and recommendations.

The results speak for itself. Yes would recommend based on
what I know Michael is strong at.

Larry Lim

Managing Director

Summerhaus D'zign

Michael was very patient and generous with sharing technical knowledge as well as strategies that we could employ.

Michael changed our perspective of SEO and SEM. Great job Michael! Will definitely be recommending my friends over.


Why should I use SEO when I am using social media ads like Facebook, IG?

There’s no better priced marketing strategy and return on ROI than SEO.

Effective SEO lowers cost per acquisition (CPA) by better placing your website on the First Page of Google and establishes authority and trust in your industry.

For long term results, investing in SEO is a much better and more profitable marketing strategy. With SEO, once you are on page one, you tend to stick there if you continue to work on it. With Pay per click, you have to pay to display, so if you stop, you disappear. PPC is akin to a tap and SEO is like a river.

And people Google searching for products and services are already prepared to invest and likely to buy.

If you are paying for online advertisements - that is good, but you must have noticed that online ads are getting expensive year after year. In fact, online advertisements have double, tripled in most industries in just over the last few years. And you can expect it to continue rising.

If you want a powerful way for more customers to find you online without paying expensive online advertising prices and/or average out your customer acquisition costs, and be seen as the authority in your industry by getting found on first page of Google, this is probably for you.

What are the biggest mistakes companies make when hiring a SEO agency to rank their website?

Firstly, companies hire SEO agencies that do not have a proven track record of ranking their own website in the SEO industry. We believe there must be some sort of SEO rankings track record from your agency. Because if they cannot outrank their competition, how can they help you to outrank yours.

Secondly, companies hire SEO agencies based on their clients portfolio. That is sometimes misleading, because the clients in the portfolio might not have done SEO works, but other works like website design, social media management. Hence, you want to see a SEO success stories, not merely clients portfolio.

Unlike others, we do not claim to know it all. We are a boutique digital marketing agency that specialises in only SEO and Paid Advertising.

We chose not do video production, blogging, website design, chatbot etc. And we also chose not to simply get someone inexperienced onto our team and deliver these services.

If you understand the value and importance of having a expert specialist run your project, you are at the right place.

Thirdly, companies hire SEO agencies that has many clients in the same industry because they think that if the agency has gotten results for their competitor, they can likely do the same for them too.

Think about it, there are only 10 first spots the first page of Google,

If the SEO agency is handling 12 companies in the same industry, how is the agency going to rank all 12 on the first page, especially with the same SEO strategy. This is one of the biggest reasons why many companies have been “burned” by SEO companies.

Lastly, there should be improvements along the way of your SEO project. Some industries are very competitive and need a longer time, but you should still see some form of progress. If there’s no progress at all after 6 months, maybe the SEO agency strategy is not working for you.

Why should I consider SEO as a marketing strategy since I’m doing well with paid advertising like Facebook, Google

Paid advertisements costs have skyrocketed multi fold over the past few years, and it will continue to go up higher.

Studies have shown that SEO has one of the highest ROI amongst all marketing strategies. It is one of the best ways to average out your costs if you are marketing your business online.

Also, your business can be found via Google search 24/7 regardless of whether your advertisements are running or not.

Take note: There is no business that has an unlimited budget to advertise round the clock, there are times whereby budget runs out and getting found on Google during these times are especially important.

How is your service different from others?

Firstly, we use our R1 marketing system to rank clients on Google Page 1. R1 was developed through a series methodical and scientific experiments where we used the R1 system to successfully rank Page 1 on Google across multiple industries.

Secondly, we walk the talk by being ranked as one of the top SEO consultant and SEO expert in Singapore, within our SEO industry competing with the brightest SEO minds in Singapore.

We demonstrated how we have also achieved rankings across other industries and ranked websites on Page 1 of Google since 2014.

Lastly, unlike others, we only work with 2 companies in the same industry and/or who are direct competitors.

This is huge for our clients because this is the way we protect our client's interest as we find it difficult to balance our client's interests when we have more than 2 companies in same industry.

Because there are only 10 first page positions on Page 1 and the likelihood of the companies going after the same keywords is high.

WARNING: This Is Not For Everyone. Here's Who We Can Help And What's Required.

Before you claim your free consultation you must understand that this is NOT for everybody, this is only for people serious about setting up their business for long term success and are willing to invest in growing their business.

We’re willing to help you to understand why your website is losing out traffic, leads and sales to your competitors who are dominating in Google and whether our service is a good fit.

In order to claim the free consultation, we have certain requirements:

You must have an established business. If your business is just getting started, please contact us for a more appropriate program.

You must be the decision maker in the business, because we value your time as much as our consultant's time, we require that when we talk that all the key decision-makers are on the call.

You must be willing to invest in marketing and advertising. You have to be open and willing to try new things to grow and scale your business. If you are afraid to spend money for advertising, this is not a good fit.

In Case You Are Wondering Why We Are Doing This

We offer this free service because we help businesses to rank their websites on First Page of Google. And there’s a good possibility if you find value in the help we give you, and you might want us to help you to do. If not, please feel free to take the recommendations we given you during the session and implement it yourself.

But if you are ready to kick your business into overdrive and skyrocket your profits book your FREE consultation call now.

By the way we recommend you book quickly. Our Digital Strategists only have a limited number of slots available for free sessions each month and they’re filling up fast.

Here’s what to do next:

First, you’ll need to fill in an application below. Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive.

We just need to know what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth we are 100% confident our agency can transform your results.

That’s why we're putting $600 worth of our resources on the line when you arrange a consultation call with us.

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